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France 2015 Poems

Day One

We've arrived safe and sound, although we miss you so,

We're loving exploring the site and chateau,hats off large

Our journey was long, but well worth the wait,

We're loving the food, games and staying up late!

The teachers are happy, we've been great all day,

So lovely parents we just want to say,

We're so excited- there's such fun in store!

Thank you so much for this wonderful tour!


Day Two

Day number two, and it's full steam ahead, We awoke full of beans in our comfortable beds,

A small change of plans, so activities now, It's all of the things that make us say wow,

Abseiling, archery, low ropes, trapeze, We conquer our fears with relative ease,

Oh what a morning, and lunch was delish, We made our baguettes to fulfil every wish,

We enjoyed our free time, with endless games played, Then off to the place where chocolate is made.

Des Lis was delicious, leaving was the worst, We've had so much chocolate we're all fit to burst!

In the glorious sunshine we dipped in the pool, We're having such fun but missing you all,

Evening entertainments, the crepes were so hot, A huge range of fillings- they sure hit the spot!

We are so lucky to be on this trip,

Now time for a rest and some much needed kip!

Day Three

Day number three, and oh what a day,

Paris was outstanding in every way,

The Eiffel Tower was an eyeful of wow,

The views were amazing, we're still smiling now,

 The river cruise was a breath of fresh air,

 With history of Paris and France everywhere.

img 1713 large

Got lucky with traffic, the trip wasn't tough,

With music and movies we can't get enough, Back to the chateau, a swim in the sun,

We've impressed our teachers in all that we've done,

 Half way through and we've reaching our peak,

 We're making the most of this wonderful week.

Our first ever trip with a real camp fire,

 Of toasting marshmallows we'll never tire!

What a great night, we've sang our hearts out,

 We're ready for sleep and that's not in doubt,

Now time for some sleep and much needed rest,

 Thank you for sending us here, it's the best!


Day Four

Last day in France and we don't want to go,

Today the French school, to learn the ways there,This trip was amazing, we have loved it so.

 We made friends with Jean Paul, Phillipe and Pierre,

We spoke the French lingo, we spoke it so loud,

We made our nice teachers in incredibly proud.

Then Fontainebleau, to see the chateau,

It's full of French history, and now we know, The ins and the outs of French monarchies,

Test us tomorrow, see our expertise!

Then back to the site - a swim for us all, And a shock when Mr Tang was pushed in the pool!

And the disco was a wonderful end to the week, A week that's been crazy, fun and unique.

We're hoping that when you see us from your car, You'll comment on how very grown up we are.

Maturity, wisdom, independence,

We've gained a whole bunch from this experience.

Listen up other trips, and you listen good.

There's no other trip in our neighbourhood,

img 2379 large

With quite so much learning and bonding and fun,

 We can't wait to tell you everything we have done!


Dear Parents,Day Five

One last poem for you:

On all of the trips that this old teacher's been,

With activities done and amazing sights seen,

I've never had a group who have been such fun,

And represented the school in all that they've done,

With maturity, respect and energy too,

They make us so proud in all that they do.

Now I sit at my desk and wish I could be,

Back in time to last week so again I could see,

All the fun that we had and the things that we saw,

On our trip to France, what a wonderful tour.

Please find attached, a small gift for your wall.

Thanks again, lovely parents, we all had a ball

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